Below are for some of the virtual safeguarding courses on offer from Barnet Council starting this Wednesday.

➡️ Virtual Working and Safeguarding, June 10th.

  • Practical considerations for professionals newly engaging in virtual working
  • Signs and indicators to be mindful of, in this new environment in relation to potential abuse
  • Policy and procedure advice for settings to reflect on
  • Recording, referrals and support mechanisms while working virtually
  • Promotion of well-being in both service users and staff

➡️ Child Protection Awareness, June 11th.

  • Understanding of national guidance and procedures
  • Recognising the four categories of abuse
  • Listening to children
  • Awareness raising of key challenges including Online Safety, radicalisation, Criminal Exploitation (including County Lines and Child Sexual Exploitation) and HBV (Honour- Based Violence including FGM, Female Genital Mutilation).

Click here for full schedule.