Maps of Israel – through pictures

These creative designs could be used to discuss diverse perspectives of Israel education and engagement.

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Check out our wonderful Pesach resource, with everything you need to run activities with young people including, looking at the Pesach story, Building Pyramids, Dressing up, Delicious Pesach Food, and even Planning your own Seder.


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Purim Masks

Pretending to be someone else is what Purim does best!  By making masks you can add sparkle and (even more) excitement to your Purim Party.  There are many ways of making masks.  Here are a few ideas to try:-



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What is Chanukah – Ideas

What is Chanukah?

There are many ways of looking at the history of Chanukah. You might want to use the extracts below and put on a Chanukah Presentation for young people.


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