Makom Resources

Makom has several new resources available for you and your community! Just click on the links to access them.

PODCAST: Educators, activists and intellectuals share their insights and wisdom on timely and timeless topics for Jews the world over. The first season is comprised of Coronavirus Conversations in the new global language — Zoom-ish. These conversations provide food for thought as they unfold the human experience of being both local and global in these complex times.

VIRTUAL TOUR: You are invited to the home of the Israeli President for an unforgettable educational experience. For the first time, Makom is offering English language tours of the President’s Residence and workshops on President Rivlin’s ‘Israeli Hope’ project, either in-person on-site or online via Zoom.

BOOK: Israel Education: The Next Edge is a compilation of essays, edited by Jonny Ariel. Authors include Rachel Fish, Jon Levisohn, Ken Stein, Rachel Korazim, Zohar Raviv, John Ruskay, Eliot Cosgrove, Lisa Grant, David Breakstone, and more. Each essay provides both theoretical and practical ideas about what Israel and peoplehood education should look like today, whether in the classroom, on campus. Get it on Kindle here.