The Israeli Dance Institute (IDI) has produced (with the support of the Children’s Aid committee and UJIA) a toolkit of materials to promote Israeli dance.

The short films clearly explain the moves to each piece of music so they are easy to learn. There is also material from very easy (level 1) to more complicated (level 5) which should provide access for all your chanichim/students. The material is aimed at ages 12-18 but older people can also use the material. There are 18 dances in total so far.

There is no fee for youth movements supported by UJIA – others only have to pay £18 for access after your registration is approved. You will receive MP3 files for the music, PDFs of the dance notation and a list of video links to watch the training. As sheet music becomes available you will be sent it.

You can also ask the IDI to send you a teacher to provide some initial help.

So all you have to do to benefit from this unique resource is to visit: and click on the YOUTH tab.

Click here to download Resource