A Daily Dose of Dance – Pesach edition

These dances have simple steps. They are accessible to all ages from pre-school to pensioners! Do sing along as you dance and do incorporate them into your Seder.

Each dance has a short explanation and a link to video instruction. We can send music files, sheet music, song lyrics and/or dance notation to educational institutions on request to our email address: info@idi.org.uk

Chag sameach everyone and as they say on a certain TV programme
‘Keeeeeep Dancing!’

Nitzanim Niru Ba’Aretz
This dance celebrates the arrival of spring in Israel, with the buds opening. It is a partner dance. Even if you are dancing alone, you can adapt the last part by doing sliding steps to your right, to your left, then to your right and a full turn to your right.

Avadim Hayinu
This is the beginning of the ‘magid’, the telling of the Pesach story. The simple movements in the dance represent the hardship of slavery and the joy of being free.

Yatzanu Mimitzrayim (Narima Na) – we went out from Egypt
This dance enacts the episode in the Pesach story when, having crossed the Sea of Reeds/Red Sea in safety, Miriam leads the women in dance.
If you have any percussion instruments around the house, do use them to accompany your dancing.

This is the song about counting the many blessings that the Jewish people received. The song reminds us to be grateful for each blessing, let alone an abundance. Do sing along to the chorus!