Current Informal Ed

Informal Jewish Education

Informal Jewish education creates an environment for young people to grow, develop and thrive.  Informal Jewish education is young person centred, allowing each individual to grow and learn, through a variety of methodologies, from and with their peers as well as with youth leaders. Informal Jewish education creates spaces for young people to grow their Jewish identities, challenging themselves and others, as they develop their own comprehension of themselves, their world, dilemmas, attitudes and beliefs.  Informal Jewish education creates opportunities for young people to find their own voice in the Jewish and wider community.

Youth Leadership

Youth leaders are often referred to in Hebrew as madrichim.  The root of the Hebrew word ‘madrichim’ stems from the word ‘derech’, translated as ‘path’.

Madrichim and young people are all on the same path, taking their own steps on their own personal journeys, with communal support and guidance.  Informal Jewish educators undertake their work with young people through a dynamic, interactive process.  The exchanges between student and educator are as important as those between student and student.  Hierarchy is challenged and there is rarely a ‘set curriculum’ or defined outcomes.

Madrichim learn about youth leadership, often referred to as ‘hadracha’ through programmes that are specifically designed to support them in their leadership endeavours.  Madrichim are often volunteers, supported by Jewish communal professionals (Youth workers/leaders, Rabbis and teachers) in youth movements, organisations and clubs, synagogues and schools.

Get involved in informal Jewish activities

Find the activity that is right for you/your child.  It might be in a synagogue, youth club, youth movement/organisation.   Informal Jewish education creates fantastic opportunities for young people to get involved in the Jewish and wider communities.