Talking isn’t always easy…

By Shelley Marsh

Talking isn’t always easy.   Sometimes we take it for granted that conversations will flow naturally.  They often don’t.  (more…)

Field News

Habonim Dror are saying a fond farewell to its Executive Director Gary Sakol, who will be taking up a new communal role as the Executive Director at Westminster Synagogue. (more…)

Shelley’s 4 Questions

1984 was my year of freedom. I had finished school and headed off to Jerusalem, spending my Gap Year with other young people from Jewish communities across the globe.  (more…)

Safer Dating

By Claire Godley

This week saw the launch of Safer Dating – a new initiative from Jewish Women’s Aid which aims to raise (more…)

Susie Fraser

Susie Fraser at Reshet’s Healthy Relationships Conference 2017: Top tips for those working with young people (more…)

Rachel Fink

Rachel Fink at Reshet’s Healthy Relationships Conference 2017: Supporting teenage girls in the Jewish community (more…)