Mitzvah Day 2019

By Georgina Bye

Mitzvah Day 2019 was greener than ever before. We had previously moved to recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable merchandise but this year we wanted to consider how we could be doing more.


Small Islands: Big Challenges

By Robby Hoffman

We are all aware of the recent extreme weather events in the Bahamas and elsewhere, it has provided a shocking reminder of the pressing need to work together to help to reduce vulnerability and achieve a more resilient and sustainable planet. (more…)

Top ten tips on going vegan from JVS

  1. Try something new: Embrace the opportunity to try new ingredients and new methods of cooking.
  2. Shop seasonally:use this handy guide(https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/seasonal-calendar/all) to find out what is in season. It will be cheaper and much tastier, and mean that you aren’t eating the same things all year round.
  3. Invest in a good selection of spices – these can transform your dishes.
  4. 4Make your own cookbook using online recipes– instead of spending money buying lots of new cookbooks, try printing out a selection of recipes and keeping them a ring-binder, that way you can work out what you like over time, and then invest in the right books for you.
  5. Look at cuisines that are naturally veg-friendly;South Indian, Southern Italian, Ethiopian, Korean, Mediterranean and Mexican for example.
  6. ‘I’m vegan!’– don’t be afraid to tell people! If you are invited to someone and they are new to it, offer to help them cook  / give them ideas of easy dishes. So many recipes are naturally vegan / can be easily veganised.
  7. YouTube is your new best friend!– Follow along with videos if cookbooks aren’t your thing.
  8. See the Vegan Society’s new app VeGuide (https://www.vegansociety.com/go-vegan/veguide)
  9. Join some online forums – this is a great way to get idas and tipsfrom other vegans.
  10. Get in touch with JVS– need some recipe inspiration / have a question about Jewish veganism / want to share your creations with us? Simply email info@jvs.org.uk.


YOUth Survey Launched

Today, Young Barnet Foundation, in conjunction with other partners, launch our YOUth Voice Survey, in what we believe to be the biggest ever opportunity for young people in Barnet to have their say. (more…)

Reshet Conference 2019 Gallery

The full photo gallery for the Reshet Conference 2019: Beyond Ben Gurion, Bamba & Bibi is live on our Facebook page! Click here to take a look. Don’t forget to tag yourself ? (more…)

Transition: Sharon Wagner-Zauder

By Sharon Wagner-Zauder: Senior Israel Engagement Manager, UJIA

There have been major turning points in my life which have been connected to physically moving from one place to another whether it was when I was 13 and 5 months to Israel or moving to a different part of London or spending a year abroad.

The two major transitions that I made were in 1997 and in 2017. (more…)

Transition: Sam Clifford

By Sam Clifford: Director, Yoni Jesner Foundation

Transitions are often big, significant life changes.  But some transitions happen daily, constantly balancing ourselves between multiple worlds. For me, the transition that constantly happens is balancing being a parent and having a career.  The transition does get easier with time, but requires a tremendous amount of support, ambition and organisation. Get the transition right and I find that both parts of my life benefit – although there are always the times when the transition isn’t always smooth, like announcing “I’m going for a wee-wee” in the middle of a meeting! (more…)