Lazuz: Online

With so much enforced time at home we will all be seeking ways to look after our physical and mental wellbeing. The IDI is delighted to be able to offer teenagers a fun and very Jewish way to exercise.

The Israeli Dance Institute are taking their Israeli Street Dance and Performing troupe, Lazuz, online so everyone aged 12-16 can benefit from learning the moves while linking with others on Zoom.

Led by their professional Street and Israeli dance teachers, young people can learn great routines to Israeli music and one day, hopefully soon, will be able to come together in person to make a performance.

Classes are on Tuesday evenings at 7pm for about 60 minutes – they are free to join.

There are just 2 conditions necessary under Safeguarding rules: Parents or guardians must apply of behalf of their son/daughter AND one of you must be present in the room during the on-line class. There is, however, no requirement for you to join in!

Zoom limits the first group to 100 participants, so if you want your son/daughter to join, please email to get the link.