Israel: Sounds & Visions

We are excited to share Israel: Sounds & Visions.

This online resource will transport you to Israel on a sensory journey!  Turn up the volume, bring on your imagination and enjoy the scenery too.

The Israel: Sounds & Visions resource is based on well-known Israeli sounds and music from iconic and historical moments to the crunch of sand underfoot.


Will you recognise the sounds of the old city of Jerusalem, a hike in the north of Israel or the distinctive beat of the game of matkot (beach tennis) on Tel Aviv beach… ?

And Visions…

The concept of visions is taken from the book of Joel: Chapter 3, (your elders shall dream dreams) your youth shall see visions.

Israeli Tour Guide Muki Jankelovitz has shared his beautiful photos with us so we can enjoy scenes of Israel along with sounds.

If they don’t connect directly, let us know and win a Reshet tote bag!

We have also selected some Jewish texts which connect to the photos which you can see by click here. If you would like to share more texts or your ideas to help others enjoy this virtual Israel Tour – email  

Looking forward to hearing from you.