Being Enough

By Ellie

Recently I went to the Reshet 21st Century Teens conference and spoke about my “journey” – For the past seven years, I’ve suffered with Generalised Anxiety Disorder, social anxiety and mild depression. (more…)


Reshet Holds Inaugural Conference

Reshet holds first conference: Inspiring, Enriching, Engaging 21st Century Jewish Teens Reshet’s inaugural conference has been acclaimed by the 200+ professionals, lay leaders and young people who participated over two days. The Conference has been reported by the Jewish News, the Jewish Chronicle and e-Jewish Philanthropy. The conference, the first of its kind in nearly […]

Jewish Social Action – Ghana

By Rabbi Michael Rosenfeld-Schueler, Oxford Universities’ Jewish Chaplain

I recently travelled to Ghana as University Jewish Chaplaincy’s ambassador alongside a group of British Jews who were volunteering for seven weeks as part of Tzedek’s Go Global programme. (more…)

Adam Overlander Kaye


Adam Overlander Kaye is currently the Fundraising Director for the Movement for Reform Judaism. Adam is an experienced, highly regarded informal Jewish educator, who wrote this piece when he held the post of Informal Educator at UJS – What is Chanukah actually about? (more…)


Mental health and young people

The government’s Future in Mind report, in its response to the findings of the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Taskforce, states that school nurses can play a crucial role in supporting the emotional and mental health needs of school-aged children. “School nursing services are universal and young people see them as non-stigmatising,” the report states. […]

Reshet Initial Gathering



How much is in your kosher piggy bank?

According to a 20 year survey, the amounts of pocket money parents are giving their children has been growing faster than adult wages. More than a thousand children are asked to reveal their allowances, adding to data compiled in a piece of research which has been carried out since 1987. Parents are currently spending an average […]



Ssshhh… we don’t talk about… Becoming a parent is one, if not the most life-changing things that happens to a person. It’s fantastic, I recall smiling a lot and feeling just a tiny bit jaded around the edges.  Socially, as the mother of a baby, conversations focussed on some basic concepts that Maslow expressed in […]