Luke Levine

Luke Levine at Reshet’s Healthy Relationships Conference 2017: Supporting young trans people in a youth organisation setting (more…)

Kelsey Osgood

Kelsey Osgood at Reshet’s Healthy Relationships Conference 2017: Youth workers if someone discloses an eating disorder or self harm (more…)

Jeni Weiner

Jeni Weiner at Reshet’s Healthy Relationships Conference 2017: Assisting young people in having healthy relationships in the age of internet pornography (more…)

Claire Godley

Claire Godley at Reshet’s Healthy Relationships Conference 2017: Supporting young people with healthy relationships (more…)

Reshet Holds Healthy Relationships Conference

Reshet holds Healthy Relationships Conference with ‘mental health Tsar’ Natasha Devon MBE.

Reshet, the network for Jewish Youth Provision, held the UK’s first Healthy Relationships conference for over 100 informal educators from across the Jewish community.

The conference gave access to top educators and the latest findings relating to young people and the fast changing world around us. (more…)

Reshet and NSPCC Safeguarding Training

Twenty participants took part in Reshet’s Safeguarding Training for Trainers, which was facilitated by NSPCC.  The participants came from Manchester and across London, from different parts of the entire community to learn together at the two day course.


Natasha Devon MBE

Natasha Devon is a writer, campaigner and co-founder of the Body Gossip Education Programme and the Self-Esteem Team, both working in schools to help young people, their teachers and parents tackle issues relating to mental health.