Three Thoughts on the Youth Movement

by Joe Grabiner 

I’m coming to the end of ten years of unbroken involvement in RSY-Netzer. I’ve cut my hair, cleared my desk, and at the end of this week I’ll leave the Sternberg Centre as an outgoing Movement Worker.


Ben Woolf

Ben is currently the co-founder and CEO of ANDi, your personal mobile gaming assistant.


No Silences

By Neil Levitan, Director of Programmes, Keshet UK

Charlie, is a twenty-one-year-old Jewish transgendered person who recently told me about his experiences of growing up in the Jewish community. (more…)

A Time for Change

Many people may not have heard of the Beth Jacob (Beis Yaacov) Youth Movement that operates in the northwest London area. Originally set up in the late 1950’s by a group of local activists, the movement caters for girls from the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, providing out-of-school programmes for girls as young as Year 2 through to post-high school. (more…)

Training & Talking

By Tanya Leigh

This summer, like every summer, more than 1,200 young people will spend the best summer of their lives on Israel Tour.  The youth movements work incredibly hard to create tour environments where young people feel cared for and nurtured.  (more…)

Talking isn’t always easy…

By Shelley Marsh

Talking isn’t always easy.   Sometimes we take it for granted that conversations will flow naturally.  They often don’t.  (more…)

Field News

Habonim Dror are saying a fond farewell to its Executive Director Gary Sakol, who will be taking up a new communal role as the Executive Director at Westminster Synagogue. (more…)

Shelley’s 4 Questions

1984 was my year of freedom. I had finished school and headed off to Jerusalem, spending my Gap Year with other young people from Jewish communities across the globe.  (more…)