International Women’s Day: Shelley Marsh

In Torah, Abraham is commanded by God to listen to the voice of Sara (Shema B’Kolech, Genesis 21:12):  “In all that Sara says unto you, listen to her voice.”  This is such an important statement and it should resonate strongly with us as we celebrate International Women’s Day 2018. (more…)

Shelley on Chanukah

By Shelley Marsh, Reshet

Taking responsibility for another person, in a youth work setting, is one of our greatest strengths as well as one of our challenges. (more…)

Shelley Marsh on Safeguarding

By Shelley Marsh, Reshet

It is essential that children and young people in the Jewish community are educated on what abuse is and who to tell if they are being abused.


Nick Young on Safeguarding

By Nick Young, Westminster Synagogue

We undertook a complete review of our safeguarding policies over the summer of 2017. The policies themselves were several years old, and while perfunctory, we felt legislation, guidelines, training and safeguarding issues in the world that we live in, have moved on considerably since our previous safeguarding review. (more…)

Jessica Overlander-Kaye on Safeguarding

By Jessica Overlander-Kaye, Maccabi GB

The welfare and safety of our participants and staff is of paramount importance to Maccabi GB and the Organisation is committed to ensuring this is a consistent principle throughout all our activities. (more…)

Naomi Dickson on Safeguarding

By Naomi Dickson, JWA

For JWA safeguarding has always been at the heart of what we do. It is too important to our work to be anything less than ‘great’! (more…)

David Collins on Safeguarding

By David Collins, Tribe

Over the last few years the United Synagogue has worked hard to improve our safeguarding processes. With over 15,000 young people and over 1000 volunteers across the United Synagogue family, keeping our young people safe is always a priority for us. (more…)

Judy Silkoff on Safeguarding

By Judy Silkoff, Federation of Synagogues

At the Federation we take our responsibilities towards our synagogue members very seriously, and our responsibilities to our youngest members are most important of all. (more…)

Raymond Simonson on Safeguarding

By Raymond Simonson, JW3

Although we pride ourselves at JW3 as having built in excellent safeguarding policies, procedures and training from even before we opened our doors for the first time four years ago, we’re always striving for continual improvement in this area, and to demonstrate “best practice” as much as possible. (more…)