1. What are the 3 most memorable moments from your annual gatherings over the years?
At Reshet, we try to create Annual Gatherings which allow people to meet somewhere interesting as well as to meet interesting people. The three most memorable moments for me have been

1) The first Annual Gathering at Kidzania – the whole concept of a world focussing on children and their potential was wonderful and the conversations were enhanced by the newly opened venue

2) Welcoming a fantastic band of young people to play music they had written themselves and wanted to play at the Reshet Annual Gathering. Their music and spirit made the whole Gathering even more meaningful for me.

3) Delivering an Annual Gathering online. There were so many elements which could have gone wrong at the event but we held our nerve, attracted a record amount of people who chose to attend, sent out a gorgeous pack of educational materials in advance of the Gathering. The metaphor of change, how we had adapted through the pandemic, was played out through an online tutorial sharing how to make Bisli from pasta. Who knew?!

2. How has Reshet had to adapt to the changes brought on by the pandemic?
Inspired by the work of those across the sector, moving online in the most creative ways. Using a shared platform like Gathertown for the Reshet Conference 2021 and being able to model and share that with the field was really helpful.

3. What steps can people and other organisations take in order to make safeguarding a higher priority?
It is absolutely vital that we raise awareness that we must protect children and those who are at risk from abuse and har, We must receive the information we are given and believe children and young people when they talk about abuse and harm they have experienced. The Reshet Ten Commitments need to be fully embedded in every part of our community.

4. What is your proudest personal accomplishment regarding Reshet?
I feel privileged to do what I do every day. My proudest personal accomplishment was knowing I would need to be away from Reshet for an extended period, to undergo surgery and coming back to am absolutely fantastic Reshet Conference which was delivered by colleagues in the Reshet network