Scott Fried Bio

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As a person living with HIV for over 32 years, Scott was part of and survived that 20thcentury pandemic, where his HIV/AIDS support group became the inspiration for the Broadway musical “RENT.”

Scott’s work spotlights the teenage years, shining a powerful message of love, responsibility and self-respect. He is the author of four books, including his newest, “How to Raise an Elegant Teen: The ABCs of Gen Z Parenting.” As an adjunct professor at Colby College in the northeast US, he teaches a popular class called “AIDS, Love and the Meaning of Life.”

Scott has worked with Reshet on many occasions and will be joining us from his New York City home via Zoom to bring to you the following online three-part session series on May 20th, May 27th & June 3rd.

The Hamster Wheel of Teen Life
Are the young people you work with feeling stuck in your monotonous daily routine and tired of wearing PJs all day? If they (and maybe you?!) are struggling to see beyond the lockdown, join us for this first, in a series of three-sessions. We will explore ways to help the young people we work with live in the present but still plan for an uncertain future, filled with unlimited purpose.

20th May at 5pm

What to do When Life Hurts
When Jacob wrestled with his angel, he exacted a blessing and was renamed. When Jonah ran away from God, he sat in the belly of the whale and learned from the darkness. Join us for this important session as we explore how we might help our young people to think through their faithful aches and learn how to find the meaning and messages they bring.

27th May at 5pm

What Does it Mean to Be Enough?
In Pirket Avot, Ethics of the Fathers, we are taught to not just look at the container, but what is actually inside. In this session, we will consider some of the internalized negative core beliefs that interfere with young people’s abilities to see their positive attributes. We will explore ways in which we can best support our young people as they grow and develop.

3rd June at 5pm