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By Jack Kushner

The past few years have been bruising, with divisions over Brexit and a rise in all forms of racism. That’s why JCORE is launching its new #TogetherWeCan campaign, calling for the Jewish community to come together, and to unite with other communities to begin the urgent healing that is required in our society. Only by working alongside all communities can we overcome the divisions and uncertainty of the past years. 

Our shared Jewish experience also highlights the importance of striving for social justice in Britain. At this time, it’s so important that we renew our commitment, and reinvigorate our voice, on race, refugee and asylum issues.

As a community, it’s crucial that we have a strong voice against all forms of racism, stand up to prejudice when we see it and support those affected by it. By building strong relationships with other minorities, and calling out racism wherever we find it, we can work to tackle the rise in all forms of racism. 

We also know all too well the importance of providing refugees with safe routes away from oppression and conflict. The government’s Brexit Bill appears to have pulled us out of the agreement that enables refugee children in Europe to re-unite with family members already in the UK. Using our collective voice, we can lobby politicians to continue the compassion of the Kindertransport, providing these children with the chance to restart their childhoods, together with their families. 

It’s also critical that we support other communities. Since 2007, members of the Black community have been campaigning for a permanent memorial to the victims of the transatlantic slave trade. A site was earmarked in Hyde Park, but was lost as £4m was needed to build it. Together, we can lobby politicians and keep the pressure on, to ensure this important piece of British history is properly commemorated. 

After Brexit, reaffirming our dedication to social justice must be key to our Jewish identity and re-uniting our society. Together, working with all communities, we can do so much more. 

Find out how you can support the campaign through 2020 and beyond at, and share how you’re getting involved at #TogetherWeCan.