By Sam Clifford: Director, Yoni Jesner Foundation

Transitions are often big, significant life changes.  But some transitions happen daily, constantly balancing ourselves between multiple worlds. For me, the transition that constantly happens is balancing being a parent and having a career.  The transition does get easier with time, but requires a tremendous amount of support, ambition and organisation. Get the transition right and I find that both parts of my life benefit – although there are always the times when the transition isn’t always smooth, like announcing “I’m going for a wee-wee” in the middle of a meeting!

Being a parent and a community professional, has many similar objectives – I want my clients (read children/charity beneficiaries – delete as appropriate!) to be good citizens committed to tikkun olam, acts of kindness and chesed as well as being well rounded, passionate, independent members of society. The success of my transition is in keeping the transition as smooth as possible.  Recognising that the qualities which make me a good parent are also those that make me good at my job.  My ability to multi-task, prioritise, strategize and develop talent are equally important in both my worlds.  A critique often levelled at lay leaders is that when it comes to charity work, they think with their heart and leave their business brains in the office.  Bearing this in mind, it’s important to use my nurturing, loving and compassionate heart that I use with my children in my professional life and applying my strategic, problem solving and creative professional side whilst parenting.  The transition isn’t always smooth and there is always lots to learn but acknowledging that will always help to improve your work/life balance as well as creating a positive role model for my children who see me equally committed to all areas of my life.

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