By Shelley Marsh, Reshet

It is essential that children and young people in the Jewish community are educated on what abuse is and who to tell if they are being abused.

Equally those that are responsible for working directly with children and young people and management who oversee these services must report disclosures externally. Not reporting externally is against the law. We need our community leaders to ensure that the communities they are leading are built on a culture where children are heard and believed; the welfare of children and young people is our paramount concern.

Reshet has arranged training for a number of communal organisations, professionals, volunteers and trustees.  In total,  92 individuals have accessed safeguarding training and support from Reshet, impacting on approximately 4,500 young people.

Leaders need to know their organisations well and constantly identify what needs to be realigned in order to improve performance and manage change. They have to satisfy the needs of both today and tomorrow.

Reshet is uniquely placed to support the community on this journey but this is work that must engage the entire community.  It is imperative that the community acts together in all areas of safeguarding.  It is essential the community ensures incidents of child abuse, along with any failure to comply with legalisation/official guidelines are eliminated.

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