By Jessica Overlander-Kaye, Maccabi GB

The welfare and safety of our participants and staff is of paramount importance to Maccabi GB and the Organisation is committed to ensuring this is a consistent principle throughout all our activities. We are acutely aware that Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and as an Organisation that engages over 40,000 people annually, we need to be proactive with policies and procedures, whilst communicating these effectively to all stakeholders involved. Every volunteer and member of staff undergo regular Safeguarding training, DBS checks and first aid training. Via workshops, management training and induction processes, staff and volunteers are given the tools and support networks to ensure they understand the Organisation’s policies and procedures and that we provide a safe and secure environment for all who we engage. Additionally, as an umbrella Organisation for the affiliated Maccabi Leagues, Centres and Clubs, we pass on our policies and procedures to these independent Organisations on a regular basis.

The named Designated Safeguarding Lead oversees this significant area for Maccabi GB and is constantly evaluating and updating our processes based on new guidelines and industry best practice. Examples of this include developing new mental health training and policies to manage social media.

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