Reshet, 'network' in Hebrew, is designed to further enhance informal Jewish education in the British Jewish community.

Reshet is cross-communal, supporting Jewish youth work throughout the UK. Reshet was instigated by UJIA and the Jewish Leadership Council. With up-to-date youth work events, training courses and blogs, Reshet brings together a space for parents, young people and informal Jewish educators to access information about the widest range of informal education opportunities.

Communal Professionals

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Professional Development Programme

New group starting 27 April 2017!

The Reshet Professional Development Programme will equip members with excellent skills, which will be utilised to create a ‘mentoring and coaching cascade’. Find out more


Reshet recognises that protecting children from harm and neglect is everyone’s responsibility.

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Reshet's work is values based. Reshet’s core values ensure our work is delivered in a way that is consistent with our philosophy. Reshet promotes the importance of being a personal example (in Hebrew, ‘dugma ishit'.) Positive role models are an essential outcome of informal Jewish education. Reshet works collaboratively with all existing providers. Reshet embraces partnership, drawing on the expertise of those already working in the field, to create a network which is holistic and supportive.
Reshet appreciates the importance of the individual perspective that each partner brings. Reshet works on cross-communally, respecting all partners in their beliefs, ideologies and values. Reshet believes that all Jewish Youth provision should apply the highest standards in health and safety, safeguarding and child welfare. Reshet actively engages with the wider informal education community, including those of other faiths and none, relevant local and national bodies, learning from colleagues and sharing best practice.